US News STEM Solutions 2012

Sheraton Dallas Hotel
     Dallas, TX, United States
27 - 29 Jun 12
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“STEM Means Jobs” is the theme of this first annual national STEM convention. It will bring together executives, educators and policymakers to create solutions to one of the nation’s critical challenges: how fix the skills gap between employers and job seekers. The two-day meeting will work toward five outcomes:

  1. Create the basis for a new data-driven jobs and careers marketplace that will accurately reflect the employment needs of companies and the skill requirements necessary to obtain jobs, making it easier for both sides to match supply and demand.
  2. Inform educators and policymakers of the innovation needed in the classroom and beyond to better align skills with jobs.
  3. Produce a national leadership consensus on implementing programs that demonstrate success and can scale to a national level.
  4. Showcase the industry/government/education partnerships that are doing the best at aligning skills with jobs.
  5. Increase public and political awareness of the expanding skills gap and the devastating effect it is having on the economy as a whole and certain segments of American society in particular.

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