2012 APWA

Fibrelite - World Leading Manufacturer of FRP Composite Trench and Manhole Access Covers Launch NEW Products at APWA 2012

Health & Safety Friendly Access to Underground Services 

World leading manufacturer of FRP composite cover and frame systems provide the perfect alternative to heavy, corroding metal and crumbling concrete access covers. 

Ideal for access to sewerage systems, underground pipework, drainage networks, electrical junction boxes, water treatment plants and commercial fuel storage.

Fibrelite’s covers exceed the load test requirements of ASHTO H20/25 and provide an excellent anti-slip/skid surface which is guaranteed for the life of the cover.

The covers are manufactured in a close mould environment combining long strand multi-directional fibreglass with a specifically formulated resin matrix to produce an extremely durable but lightweight cover (approx. 1/3rd the weight of a steel or cast iron cover).

They are inert so will not corrode, are not electrically conductive and have low thermal conductivity. Highly effective in covering manholes, gullies and trenches that contain cable, wire or fluid. Perfect for where frequent or occasional access is required as they are such a lightweight alternative to metal and concrete.

Fibrelite’s lightweight, incredibly strong FRP composite covers with zero re-sale value in the scrap market are the perfect metal theft deterrent.

Fibrelite Launch NEW Range of Trench Panels

Following significant investment in new tooling the new shallow trench panels are available in a wide range of sizes. Fibrelite has successfully adapted the existing manufacturing process to utilise recycled glass fibres reducing waste and carbon emissions. This eco-friendly manufacturing process means Fibrelite is now able to produce the most cost-effective trench panel to date resulting in significant cost benefits to customers.

The increase in metal costs has stimulated the theft of metal manhole, trench and gully covers. Metal theft is now having a serious impact on the global economy through inflated insurance premiums, high repair and replacement costs as well as causing extremely serious health and safety hazards.

Fibrelite is strategically placed to utilise its quality, high volume manufacturing facilities in the UK, US and Malaysia to offer a very cost competitive alternative to metal that can benefit all affected industries.

Fibrelite first pioneered the composite covering system in 1980 and set the standard by which performance is now measured. Fibrelite initially developed the composite cover for petrol station forecourts to withstand the wheel loading of heavy goods vehicles and from there quickly went on to be adopted worldwide. Fibrelite is considered as the industry standard by the major oil companies and continues to lead the way in composite innovation.

Having established a global reputation for high quality products and superior after sales service the company has held accreditation to both the ISO quality standard and British Standards Kite Mark since 1998.

Global Expansion

Fibrelite announced earlier this year it has expanded global operations with the opening of a new Malaysian production and service facility in order to meet accelerating demand. In addition to this new facility, Fibrelite also has a 30,000sq ft. factory in the UK and a 35,000sq ft. plant in the US.

Cost Benefits 

Although FRP composite is initially more expensive than metal, the monolithic structure of a Fibrelite cover means they will not delaminate or corrode. With a minimum guaranteed lifespan of 15 maintenance free years – these covers are a ‘fit and forget’ product that can be fully lockable. So when considering the total cost of ownership, composite covers represent excellent value for money versus metal.

Recent Customer Quotes

"We were looking for an installation to replace our ageing duct covers. Fibrelite came up with this solution and it is manufactured and sourced locally."

"I was impressed with how easy the install was and couldn't believe how light the covers were whilst still being able to hold 40 tonne loadings."

"We are very happy with this solution. We do not need a forklift truck anymore to remove the concrete slab and can get to the geothermal installation in a minute."

“We are working with Fibrelite to retrofit our older vaults. The Fibrelite covers met an important need to find a light, durable, temperature, corrosion and abrasion resistant cover that seals out the surface water.”

Summary of FRP Composite Benefits

  • FRP composite is lightweight, strong and the monolithic structure will not delaminate or corrode therefore replacement is not an issue
  • Easy and safe manual removal
  • Completely watertight - will not allow gases or liquids in or out
  • Lifting aid eliminates back injury and crushed fingers
  • Wide range of sizes available
  • Guaranteed for 15 free years with a life expectancy of significantly longer
  • Non-metallic, non-conductive and will not spark
  • Excellent insulator against heat
  • Unaffected by underground gasses and most chemicals
  • Treads incorporate an anti-slip material equivalent to modern high grade road
  • Perfect for access to drains, ducts, pipework
  • Range of UV stable colors available that will not flake or crack

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