• Wow Your Audience with
    Award-Winning Mobile Experiences
    More Memorable Interactions
    Elegant, User-friendly and Integrated Features
    Improved Engagement within the Community
  • Provide Higher
    ROI to Exhibitors & Sponsors
    Elevated Brand Exposure
    Augmented Onsite and Online Traffic
    Measurable, Quantified Results
  • Strengthen Your Event’s
    Presence in the Marketplace
    Provide Compelling and Meaningful Experiences
    Reduce Costs and Enhance Digital Revenues
    Benefit from Mature Marketing & User Support

ChirpE Premium Mobile App

ChirpE Premium is a fully-branded, stand-alone native app solution for expositions, conferences and meetings of all sizes and types. With a multitude of smart search, planning and networking options available on demand at their fingertips, this solution is sure to wow your event attendees.

Provide a seamless search and planning experience to your event audience.

Leverage the benefits of Personify's fully integrated, powerful platforms.

Showcase sponsors and advertisers and generate additional revenue.

Boost traffic to your event with one-of-a-kind faciliated journeys and promotional features.

Multiple ChirpE-Powered Mobile Event Apps Win the 2016 MobileWebAward Competition

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